Baptism Ceremony | Young Christian Academy | June 12, 2021

Young Christian Academy

What a beautiful day the Lord has blessed us with. As the Pastor of Young Christian Academy (YCA), Rev. Heli Aimol said, “Water Baptism doesn’t make you a Christian but it shows that you are a Christian, and Water Baptism doesn’t make you a believer but it shows that you are a believer.” And these […]


The Book of Isaiah is considered as one of the major Prophetic Book in the Holy Bible. The book of Isaiah was recorded around 700 years before Christ. The common theme of this Book is the message of salvation. Prophet Isaiah foretold about Jesus Christ who is the Prince of Peace and the blessing of […]

Jesus is our Tithe

Praise the Lord. Today I would like to begin with a story of carrot and stick, a combination of reward and punishment. Let’s all quickly turn with me to Malachi 3:8-12. For your kind information, the book of Malachi is an Old Testament book or you can say it was during the time of Old […]